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Dermatologist Ham Ik-byeong’s golf story

Director Ham Ik-byung, a dermatologist who frequently appears on TV these days, has broadened his scope and is appearing as a regular panelist in JTBC Golf’s ‘Club House’ (directed by Kim Jong-sook and Kim Jong-woo).

Club House is a program recently launched by JTBC Golf, and is a talk show (broadcast every Monday at 9:00 p.m.) that deals in-depth with people who move the golf world at home and abroad and various issues.

Because it is a program that deals with the story of golf in depth for an hour, his acquaintances often criticize him, saying, “Hey, what do you know about golf, you go out and talk about?”

In fact, Ik-byeong Ham is a person who treats golf seriously. He is also someone who wants to be really good at golf and who wants to get to know him well.

By nature, he is the type to seriously dig into and study any field he is interested in. He also plays golf. The reason he was excited when he first received the call was because he thought it was a ball-playing program.

“When I first contacted you, I thought it was a really good opportunity. It would be nice if there was a job related to the field that I want to seriously dig into. Of course, I accepted it thinking it was a program with a good mix of rounds and talks, but I never thought I would just talk all day and night (laughs). Still, I thought it would be fun to meet golf officials and talk about various issues.”

It is impressive to see amateur golfers appearing on behalf of amateur golfers from the first episode of the clubhouse, and expressing their own opinions without adding or subtracting along with the knowledge they have accumulated over the years. Even so, he confesses that he has many regrets.

“There were a lot of really interesting stories during the recording, but when I watch the broadcast, I feel that it is too bland. Actually, I am not a professional in the golf industry. As a result, you can criticize a matter in a strong tone. However, there are many cases in which some of the panels who participated together hesitated due to concerns about the wavelength. To be honest, it is a burdensome part for the insider and the players.”

As there were many regrets regarding time constraints and level issues, Director Ham personally suggested to the PD in charge to collect only the interesting parts from the edited parts and upload them to YouTube. And he added one more suggestion.

“Now that it’s spring, it would be really nice to rent a golf course clubhouse and play rounds and talk. Wouldn’t it be the icing on the cake if it was not just a recreational golf entertainment program, but a serious part as well as a field lesson that meets the eye level of an amateur golfer? Oh, and if you introduce golf equipment, especially domestic fitting clubs or shafts, in various ways, I think it will help develop the domestic golf industry.”

It is predicted that it will not end with simply playing and enjoying golf, but if there is a domestic infrastructure comparable to that of Korea, it will be possible to go beyond Korea and enter overseas markets. Fashion is important, but the flower of the golf industry is the club, emphasizing that we should actively help the growth of domestic small and medium-sized goods brands.

Golf is a sport that helps mental growth

Director Ham Ik-byeong was one of those who had a strong prejudice against golf. Most of the doctors he knew started playing golf in their early to mid-30s, but Ham stopped playing golf until he was in his late 40s.

“I thought of golf as a sport to do when I was old and weak. Before golf, I enjoyed water skiing, rock climbing, and other vigorous sports. Then I thought that golf would be enough even if I learned golf when I was weak after my 60th birthday. Of course, I am still not in a position to think that golf is a sport.”

A high school senior, the president of a company, played a big role in changing the somewhat negative view of golf. The senior, who suggested that President Ham try golf, gave him a Honma club as a gift. He, of course, was also in lieu of treatment money, which removed the age spots.

“That’s how seniors send me to clubs and ask me to learn for three months, but I can’t say I won’t do it in front of them. After practicing for three months, we went round together at the East Valley Country Club. I think I did pretty well for the first round. I hit about 100 of them. The first time I raised my hair, he said that I was good enough. At the same time, the senior seemed to be in a good mood, and he sent me a weekday membership as a gift.”

However, President Ham was still too inexperienced to feel the difficulties of golf with his whole body. As he learned to play golf quickly, he had a weak foundation.

“It felt like I was learning billiards for the first time when I entered university. It wasn’t hard, it was just fun. I also hit flying baseballs, so I thought that I couldn’t do something like this. At the time, I told the coach, ‘I have to go on the field in three months, so please teach me as soon as possible’. The driver shot also went quite far, so I didn’t feel any difficulty.”

President Ham has already passed his 60th birthday, and it has been well over 10 years since he started playing golf. In the meantime, he enjoyed golf as a means of socializing, and when he went to the golf course, he spent more time holding a drink than holding a club. It was three years ago that his attitude of enjoying golf for fun began to change.

“He started taking golf seriously about three years ago. Golf has a lot to learn mentally. Especially when betting, no matter how small the amount is, there is a desire to move the ball to a better position. Since no one is watching, I feel like I want to improve Lai even a little bit. I can feel the hand of temptation slowly reaching out. It is basic in golf and a necessary part of our society to put up with it and make up my mind that I must not cheat in any way.”

Ham Ik-byeong, who learned golf by rereading Ben Hogan’s lessons book, changed his mindset toward golf, and began taking lessons with a serious attitude. And he started studying and researching golf.

“I practice three to four times a week. He’s been practicing steadily for three years and still doesn’t have my swing. He goes to practice with the idea that he must quickly build a solid swing that will not be shaken under any circumstances.”

Then, President Ham took out Ben Hogan’s lesson book, which he had read when he first learned to play golf, and started reading again. He said he would get an inspiration he didn’t feel at the time.

“It is a very thin book, but I read it casually at first. If you read ‘The Little Prince’ again, the feeling is different depending on your age. I feel a lot while reading Ben Hogan’s books, like a story in which a deep narrative is developed that reflects one’s own experience or philosophy. At any age, no matter what kind of relationship golf has been in contact with, there are many lessons that golf gives to humans. And it leads to the thought, ‘How old can I be in this enjoyable sport?’”

President Ham also recorded a 75 at Gapyeong Benest Golf Club. And he confidently revealed the goal he wanted to achieve through golf.

“I want to look at the yardage book at the first golf course and try to target the course. In order to do that, you need to be accurate enough to hit regular ons on every hole. I want to become a golfer who can play the shot I want in any situation rather than the score. Of course, if you talk like that, they say it’s something that even a professional can’t do. But that’s the target I’m looking at.”

In his life, the formula applies similarly. Just as he learns about the pleasure of golf in a different dimension, his daily life is always looking for changes to evolve. Just like a dermatologist joins as a fixed panel for a golf program.

“The score is the same as before and now.토스카지노 Knowing and playing now is different. Now, I look forward to the day when I can see whether azaleas or cherry blossoms are blooming on the golf course. Then you will be able to truly enjoy golf.”

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