5 GHz Wifi not showing up Windows 10 - Fixed

5 GHz Wifi not showing up Windows 10 – Fixed

5 GHz Wifi not showing up Windows 10

5 GHz Wifi not showing up Windows 10 – Fixed

5 GHz Wifi provides a very good internet connection and speeds up your internet. If you have a wifi adapter that supports 5G Wifi but unfortunately it is not showing up on windows 10. Don’t worry it is a problem faced by many users.

In this article, I have given some methods, tips, and tricks to use your 5 GHz Wifi without any problem and get the delight of doing your work or watching movies without any problem.

Let’s get started by first taking a look at the things that might be the problem.

1. Your computer may not be compatible with 5 GHz networks.

2. Your hardware device which includes a Wifi adapter and router may not be compatible.

3. Your device or computer may not have proper settings done.

4. Outdated drivers or corrupted drivers or files can be the cause of such a problem.

How to fix 5 GHz Wifi not showing up in Windows 10?

I have given here some methods that might look difficult but trust me it will be very easy if you’ll read it carefully and understand it.

Method # 1: Checking Compatibility

You can check whether your computer is compatible with 5 GHz Wifi or not. For this, you have to check it with the command prompt. Follow the steps below:

1. Press the Win + R key to open Run.

2. Now, type cmd and press Enter or click OK.

How to fix 5 GHz Wifi not showing up in Windows 10

3. Enter the command: netsh wlan show drivers.

How to fix 5 GHz Wifi not showing up in Windows 10

4. In the Radio types supported section the words and letters will give you the following information.

802.11g 802.11n: Your computer supports 2.4GHz Bandwidth.

802.11n 802.11g 802.11b: Your computer only supports 2.4GHz Bandwidth.

802.11a 802.11g 802.11n: Your computer supports both 2.4GHz and 5GHz Bandwidth.

More things you can do is to check your router and wifi adapter to see, do these devices support 5GHz Bandwidth. To use 5GHz Wifi and to enjoy its complete advantages you should have all the devices compatible with 5GHz Bandwidth.

Method # 2: Enable 802.11n mode for Wifi Adapter

In this method, you can enable your Wifi Adapter to use 5GHz bandwidth if it supports it. Below are steps to enable the 802.11n mode.

1. Press Win + X keys. Then select Device Manager.

How to fix 5 GHz Wifi not showing up in Windows 10

2. Click on the Network Adapters to show the adapters connected to the computer.

How to fix 5 GHz Wifi not showing up in Windows 10

3. Now right-click on your Wireless Adapter and select Properties.

How to fix 5 GHz Wifi not showing up in Windows 10

4. In the advanced tab, select 802.11n in the Property menu.

5. From the value dropdown just on the right, select Enabled.

6. You can also set channel width for 5GHz from the option in the Property section. Otherwise, skip this step.

7. Click on Ok.

Method # 3: Preferred Bandwidth to 5GHz

In this method, you can make your wireless adapter prefer the 5GHz network instead of any other. This will allow you to use 5GHz Wifi.

1. Press the Win + X key. Then, select Device Manager.

2. Click on Network Adapters, and right-click on your wireless adapter. Then, select Properties.

3. Now, click on the ‘Advanced’ tab, and select the Preferred Band option given in the ‘Property’ section.

4. Then, select from the dropdown menu of value. Select its value as 5GHz bandwidth.

5. Click Ok.

Method # 4: Update Drivers

Another cause of your problem can be the outdated drivers for your device, wireless adapter, or router. For the router, you have to see its manual for updating it because different routers have a bit different methods for updating it.

Here, I have given the method to update wireless adapter’s drivers in windows 10:

1. Press Win + X from your keyboard. Then, open the device manager.

2. Navigate to Network adapters and click on it.

3. Right-click on your connected wireless adapter and click on Update Drivers.

4. The computer can do this job if you select the first option i.e. ‘Search automatically for updated driver software.’

How to fix 5 GHz Wifi not showing up in Windows 10

5. The computer will start searching for the latest drivers and it will download and install them on your Windows 10 PC.

If you don’t want to automatically update the driver because windows can’t find and install the driver. For this, you can do this manually and I have given the method to do this in the next heading.

Method # 5: Manual Update of Drivers

Do the same process in the above method to reach the driver windows (opened after the third step in the above method). Then, select ‘Browse my computer for driver software.

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Browse where your downloaded files of the driver are saved. Select it and install it. The driver will be installed on your PC.


The network speed is a headache for many people. Today, in this fast and modern life, everyone wants to do anything without any interruption. Each person tries to get a thing just with a single thing in just microseconds.

I have given here the methods to fix your 5 GHz Wifi not showing in Windows 10. I elaborated everything and I hope you will do it easily.

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