How to Allocate More RAM to Fortnite – 4 Working Methods

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How to Allocate More RAM to Fortnite

How to Allocate More RAM to Fortnite – Working Method

Fortnite is one of the most popular games. It’s a battle game and has many things you can go for. Its graphics are good and many users play it. It’s hard to say that Fortnite is dying. One more amazing thing about this game is that it is free and has mods.

If your computer meets all the requirements, then you can play this game for free. And if you have already installed the game and facing some glitches or hanging issues then this article will help you a lot.

First of all, let’s take a look at the requirements your PC must fulfil to run Fortnite.

Minimum Requirements

  • Core i3 2.4 GHz
  • Intel HD 4000
  • 4 GB RAM
  • Windows 7/8/10 64-bit

Recommended Requirements

  • Core i5 2.8 GHz
  • Nvidia GTX 660 or equivalent
  • 8 GB RAM
  • Windows 7/8/10 64-bit

Video Tutorial

How to allocate more RAM to Fortnite?

You can allocate more virtual memory that can be used as RAM on your PC. But first, at least your computer must meet the minimum requirements to run the game. Also, you can prioritize Fortnite to be dominant over all applications when you are running it and other options are also available to do.

Here, I have given some methods that will help you a lot. Read the article carefully and follow each step. The first two methods are the actual methods that will affect Fortnite the most and you can try other methods to improve performance.

Method # 1: Virtual Memory

In this method, you can add more virtual memory to your PC. By this procedure, you can set up some space on your hard disk as virtual memory which your system will use as RAM. If you can’t buy more RAM, then don’t worry that virtual memory will solve your problem.

Follow the steps below to add virtual memory:

1. Go to Start and type Performance.

2. Now, click on Adjust the Appearance and Performance of Windows.


1. Go to This PC. Right-click on some blank space and click Properties.

2. Now, click on the Advanced System Settings option just located on the left side.

3. In the Advanced tab, click on Settings.

4. A Performance Options dialog box will appear.

How to Allocate More RAM to Fortnite

5. In the virtual memory section, click on Change.

6. Uncheck the automatic paging file size option.

7. Click on Custom size. Now, set the initial and maximum size you want. For example, if you want to allocate 4 GB of space on the hard disk as a minimum size and 5 GB as maximum. Then multiply 4 GB with 1024 which is 4096 MB. Enter this as the minimum size. And 5120 MB as the maximum size.

How to Allocate More RAM to Fortnite

8. Click on Set, and then OK.

How to Allocate More RAM to Fortnite

9. Now, you may be prompted to restart your PC. So, restart it.

Method # 2: Prioritize a Program

You can prioritize Fortnite, so it becomes dominant over all the applications when you are running the game. The computer will emphasize the best performance for the game and will allocate more memory to the game to give you the best experience.

Follow the following steps to prioritize your Fortnite.

1. For this, simply go to Taskbar.

2. Now, right-click on it and you will see some options. Click on Task Manager.

3. From there, go to the Details tab where you’ll find many programs and processes working.

4. Scroll to find the name of the game listed there. Right-click on it and then go to Set Priority.

5. From the options select ‘Above normal’ or ‘High’. Now, your computer will give more priority to Fortnite and will allocate more RAM to it. But in the future, multitasking can cause some problems.

Note: For this method, you may have to run the game in the background because sometimes the stopped programs are not shown and most of the processes and programs which are shown in task manager are running.

Method # 3: Adjust for Performance

Another method that can be helpful to you in speeding up your PC and giving you smooth gameplay is to enable Adjust for Performance mode.

For this, follow the steps below:

1. Go to Start and search for Performance.

2. Then, click on Adjust the Appearance and Performance of Windows.

3. In the Visual Effects tab, choose to Adjust for best performance by clicking on the bullet.

How to Allocate More RAM to Fortnite

4. Now, click on Apply.

Method # 4: Third-Party Apps

You can get some third-party apps by which you’ll have to clear the memory before opening the game to get more memory for Fortnite. The memory cleans up or clear memory option is available in many antiviruses and also in many other apps like CCleaner, PC Cleaner apps to clean up memory.

This will help you in stopping some processes and cleaning the ram that will speed up Fortnite for you.

Final Thoughts

I have given some possible and easiest methods. Although Fortnite may show minor glitches and you may find it hung somewhere so try these methods.

These are very effective but at least you must have 4GB of RAM which is recommended. Then, try these methods to speed up your PC as well as Fortnite.

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