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How to hook up Cable Box to TV without HDMI

How to hook up Cable Box to TV without HDMI

How to hook up Cable Box to TV without HDMI

HDMI cable is a single cable allowing you to transfer video and audio signals from a single wire. RCA cables have three cables, one for video and the other two for audio signals. HDMI cables provide very good video and audio quality on TV than RCA cables or by any other method.

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The modern TVs are built with an HDMI port available. HDMI provides very good quality and thus is recommended mostly. But if you have old TVs then you have to go for other methods. I have described these methods elaborately.

Getting the Cable Box Ready

First of all, before connecting the cable box to the TV you have to connect it to the incoming cable service line. For this I have demonstrated all the steps below:

1. Take a Coaxial cable and then fasten its one end on the working wall outlet from where you can connect the cable. If you have the loosened cable without a wall outlet then skip this step. If you have an Antenna then connect the cable coming from it to the cable box.

2. Now, take the other end and locate the threaded connector on your cable box labelled as Cable In and connect the cable wire with it.

3. Connect the power adapter of the cable box to turn it on.

Method # 1: Coaxial Cable Method

If you have a bit older TV and it has the cable connector port and similarly your cable box also came with it. Then, follow the steps below:

1. Take another coaxial cable and connect its one end to the cable connector labelled as cable out or RF out on your cable box.

2. Connect the other end to the cable connector given behind your TV.

3. Turn your TV and cable box on.

4. You might have a button on your TV remote labelled as input/source or TV. You can select the input source as TV input. Some TVs can be set to this by default and for some, you’ll have to go to its settings.

Method # 2: RCA cables method

This method is for older TVs which have the feature of connecting video and audio via RCA cables. RCA cables are in the group of three cables, Red, white and yellow. These wires carry audio and video signals.

For this method, both your cable box and TV must have RCA cable connectors.

1. First, buy the RCA cable from the market. Note, that there should be red, white, and yellow RCA plugs at both ends of the RCA cable.

2. The female jacks on your TV and the one on your cable box are called RCA jacks. Connect the yellow plug into the yellow port on your cable box, red with red and white with white.

3. Now, connect the RCA cables with the same method (red with red, white with white & yellow with yellow) with the RCA plugs given on TV. But you should keep in mind that you are going to connect the cables to the input ports.

4. Turn the TV box and cable box on. Now, you should be able to view the channels on your TV.

Method # 3: HDMI to RCA converter

Another method which you can is to use an HDMA to RCA converter which has HDMI as input and gives you RCA ports as output. Buy this from the market or get it online. This method should if your TV has RCA ports but your cable box don’t. Rather it has an HDMI port.

The right and a good quality converter will successfully convert the digital signals coming via HDMI port from your cable box to analogue signals which will be transferred to your TV via RCA cables.

All you have to do is simply get two cables, HDMI to HDMI cable and RCA to RCA cable. Then, do the following steps:

1. Connect the HDMI cable to your cable box and the other end to the converter.

2. Now take the RCA cable and connect its ends to the converter and the other end to the TV.

3. Do the other steps like attaching the incoming cable service line, turning the TV, and set it to the correct input source.

Final Thoughts

In this article, I described each step with much description that is needed to understand and solve the problem easily. I hope you’ll find no difficulties in doing all this.

Don’t get sad if you are unable to find the way to solve your problem or you are unable to figure out the way to get your problem solved. On my website, I have given many solutions to problems that are concerned with the things that are used daily. And also to the problems that can occur in any tech device.

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