What happens if I don’t Activate Windows 10? – Explained

What happens if I don’t activate Windows 10

What happens if I don’t Activate Windows 10? – Explained

If you are looking for the reasons why you should activate Windows and what problems or limitations you can have if you use an unactivated version of Windows.

Buying any program and software adds many features to it and the same happens with Windows 10. Read this article to make you aware of the limitations of un-activated windows, how and why should you activate Windows.

What happens if you don’t activate Windows 10?

1. Watermark on Screen

When you have an unactivated version of Windows 10 installed on your PC. The first thing which you will notice the most whenever you look at the screen will be the Activate Windows watermark at the bottom-right of your screen.

The watermark will tell you to activate the Windows. This can be a headache for users who don’t want to see this on their screens. This watermark will not go until you activate the Windows.

2. Unable to Personalize

With an un-activated version, you will not be able to personalize windows and thus you can’t have a good experience. Personalization helps you to change wallpapers, font, and many more things by giving you the ultimate experience you want with windows.

Down below I have written which things you can’t personalize in the un-activated version of Windows 10.


You won’t be able to change the background. You cannot use the background of your desire and you will be limited to using only default Windows wallpaper.

Backgrounds give elegant look to your PC and add an interactive view of your Workplace. However, you can use the image as a desktop background.


You cannot change the colours of Start, Taskbar, and for many applications. You’ll be limited to using the default light blue colour.


You cannot change the fonts. Fonts are the text style, and how the numbers and characters look on your PC. In an un-activated Windows 10, you can only use the default font.


With an un-activated version, you can’t configure some settings of the Start Menu. The start menu is used to open many programs and it is also used to search for the programs, features, and files. You cannot customize it completely.


You may be able to install the critical updates. You may not be able to download many optional updates, and you may not be able to use some services and some apps from Microsoft that are normally included with Windows.

Nag Screens and Notifications

You can have nag screens asking you to activate windows to use its features. This can be disturbing for you to face such screens when using a program.

Also, you can have notifications several times asking you to activate windows.

Should I activate Windows 10?

Activating Windows is a very good decision. It can provide you with a very good experience and you will enjoy using it. If you want to use the free version, you can use it but it will add limitations as written above.

If you want to use the personalization features, get rid of the notification regarding activation and the activate windows watermark, you should activate Windows 10.

How to activate Windows 10?

You can activate Windows 10 by buying a license key or you can buy the official genuine Windows 10 from Microsoft. Yup, this will cost you money and for some people, it can be the salary of their whole month.

Using Windows without activation isn’t a big problem if you can adjust yourself to the limitations.

Can I update Windows 10 in some other ways?

You can use some third-party software to activate windows. But such software is identified by Windows and antiviruses as Malware. So, you can result in getting a virus and damage your PC.

However, there are also some other ways to update Windows 10. You can use Command Prompt to activate Windows 10 but this may not work for some users.

I have written this method just right below:

1. Press Win + R keys from your keyboard. When the Run windows open, type cmd and then press Ctrl + Shift + Enter to open Command Prompt as an administrator.

2. Use the command “slmgr /ipk yourlicensekey” to install a license key. I have given some license keys:

Home: TX9XD-98N7V-6WMQ6-BX7FG-H8Q99

Professional: W269N-WFGWX-YVC9B-4J6C9-T83GX

Education: NW6C2-QMPVW-D7KKK-3GKT6-VCFB2

Enterprise: NPPR9-FWDCX-D2C8J-H872K-2YT43

You need to hit the [Enter] key to execute commands.

3. Use the command “slmgr /skms kms8.msguides.com”.

4. In the last, use the command “slmgr /ato” to activate Windows.


You should buy the genuine version of Windows from Microsoft because the other third-party software and some other methods may harm your PC. So, you should do it at your own risk.

I have described clearly the limitations you can have in un-activated Windows 10. I hope, you can understand this article easily.

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