Best VDSL Modem Router in 2022

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Best VDSL Modem Router

Best VDSL Modem Router

Technological advancement in the past few years has led to untamed competition. Besides the common perception is that faster internet speed results in better working of tech devices. Therefore, people are continuously in search of modems that provide the fastest internet speed at the time. In this race VDSL is also top of the list.

Quick Table For You

NameConnectivityNo. of portsWeight
NETGEAR Nighthawk X4SWireless43.5 pounds
Motorola MB8600 DOCSIS 3.1Wired42 pounds
Asus RT-AC88UWireless82.09 pounds
ZYXEL C1100ZWireless91.92 pounds
NETGEAR Nighthawk D7000Wireless42.02 pounds
Actiontec Model C1000AWireless81.35 pounds
TP-Link Archer VR400Wireless/Wired61.6 pounds
ARRIS NVG443BWireless/Ethernet42.32 pounds

Many companies are working as well as manufacturing the best modems on their own list and, obviously, it becomes difficult to know which is the one for you. Mostly, even after a long research people are unable to find the best VDSL modem router so we have come up with this article.

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In this article, we will be discussing some of the best VDSL modem routers present at the time. Before reviewing the best VDSL modem routers we would like to take you through some basic information about the VDSL modem.

VDSL Modem

VDSL (Very High Bitrate Digital Subscriber Line) is a device that provides high internet speed to its users. Basically, the ultra-fast speed is achieved by using fiber-optic cables for data transmission. Moreover, VDSL uses copper wires as well which are much safer than the fibre-optic but slower. Modems like VDSL receive the data from internet suppliers and transmit it to your devices.

In the present era, VDSL modems are surely the finest internet devices with high download and upload speeds. Additionally, its upstream and downstream speed reaches as high as 100Mbps. VDSL modem connections are diverse enough that users can customize them accordingly.

In case a site needs more data to load, the user can simply increase the traffic. As VDSL modems work with copper wires beside the fiber-optic cables, users get different bands with different frequencies. Likewise, a twisted copper wire supplies a frequency ranging between 25kHz to 12MHz.

Difference Between VDSL and ADSL

VDSL (Very high bitrate Digital Subscriber Line) is an updated and modified form of ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line). Both the ADSL and VDSL use the basic DSL technology but, of course, VDSL is more efficient than the ADSL.

Speed draws the major line of difference between the two. ADSL modem provides 8Mbps with 1Mbps download and upload speed respectively. VDSL, on the other hand, has a download and upload speed of 52Mbps and 16Mbps. To conclude, VDSL performs better with high bandwidth devices than the ADSL modem.

List of 8 Best VDSL Modem Routers

NETGEAR Nighthawk X4SBest Vdsl Router

Best VDSL Modem Router


  • Connectivity: wireless
  • Connection Standard: 802.11a/b/g/n/ac
  • No. of ports: 4
  • Frequency Band: dual-band frequency
  • Provider: NETGEAR
  • Dimensions: 11.2×7.26×1.97 inches
  • Weight: 3.5 pounds

Note: it is recommended for offices due to its capacity to connect up to 25 devices. It can be used in a large house as well, because of its wide coverage.


Admittedly, NETGEAR Nighthawk X4S has some amazing speed and strength. The speed specifically is remarkable. Moreover, its wide range and sleek design suit well for the office as well as the home.

Compatibility and Connectivity: A device must be compatible with a number of other devices for connectivity, transfer of data, and transmission of signals. A single modem is of no use unless we connect our mobiles, laptops, etc. to it. NETGEAR Nighthawk X4S works with various systems including mobiles, tablets, laptops, media streaming devices, and many other Wi-Fi-enabled devices.

Operating systems like Microsoft Windows 7, 8, 10, Vista, XP, and 2000 work super fast and accurately with Nighthawk X4S. Moreover, as the device is wireless, users do not need cables to connect. Most importantly, NETGEAR Nighthawk X4S supports VDSL service the best.

Frequency and Speed: The dual-band frequency gives out a wide range of wireless connections. With a ranging frequency between 2.4 GHz to 5 GHz, NETGEAR Nighthawk is one of the fastest wireless modems you can find. Now coming to speed, this modem/router is designed to provide users wide coverage with AC2600 speed also up to 800+1733 Mbps.

Security: To keep your data and personal information safe almost all internet supplier devices have security protocols. In fact, Nighthawk X4S features WPA2 security protocols for secure wireless internet. It includes Firewall, VPN, Guest network, DoS, and many more.

Built and Ports: Impressively advanced technology is used in the Nighthawk X4S wireless Wi-Fi router. It is built strong with four (4) amplified antennas and a 1.7GHz dual-core processor. Also, the Alexa Voice controls are pretty vital to use alongside Dynamic QoS, MU-MIMO, and Beamforming. 

Now coming to ports on the X4S device. Users can connect various systems like gaming consoles and computers to this wireless router with the help of 4×1 Ethernet ports. There are 3.0 USB and eSATA ports in addition to the standard Ethernet ports.

Weight and Design: The weight of the NETGEAR Nighthawk X4S is 3.5 pounds. The total weight of Nighthawk X4S router is adequately light hence the device is also moderately compact with respect to another modem of the same range. It is built secure with a professional look containing four (4) antennas and LED indicators.


  • Ability to connect up to 25 devices
  • 2.53Gbps wireless bandwidth
  • Four antennas amplify signal strength


  • Lag during games
  • Costly


  • Time-taking software interface

Motorola MB8600 DOCSIS 3.1 – Budget Modem

Best VDSL Modem Router


  • Connectivity: wired
  • Connection Standard: 802.11ac
  • No. of ports: 4
  • Frequency Band: dual-band
  • Provider: Motorola
  • Dimensions: 7.25×2.25×7.88 inches
  • Weight: 2 pounds

Note: It has excellent strength for home usage with a two-year warranty. DOCSIS 3.1 is efficient and affordable.


The price and efficiency of this Motorola modem catch a lot of eye. The full-band capture digital tuner permits the modem to consume less and transmit more power.

Compatibility and Connectivity: It is orderly compatible with multiple devices but as Motorola DOCSIS 3.1 is not a router itself but a modem users will have to purchase a router separately. It supports several internet service providers like Optimum, Xfinity, Cox, Spectrum, and Sparklight.

When it comes to connectivity, DOCSIS 3.1 is a wired modem (no built-in Wi-Fi router is available) meaning that to establish a secure connection between the modem and your devices, it needs to be connected to a router via cable.

Frequency and Speed: The admirable dual-band frequency of Motorola DOCSIS 3.1 is amazing. The modem supplies both the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequency for a longer ranger and better working. The 2.4 GHz frequency provides a wide range whereas its 5 GHz frequency companion is there to offer high speed. A 1000Mbps speed with 6000Mbps maximum download speed is indeed exceptional hence making it one of the best VDSL modem routers.

Security: Nobody wants to share their personal information with a hacker or be corrupted by viruses. So Motorola DOCSIS 3.1 features a certain security setup and control that keep your data safe. These security measures include Proactive Network Security, guest network, parental controls, and network security alerts in case of foreign invasion.

Build and Ports: Build quality of this VDSL modem is excellent. It is lightweight, compact, and decently designed. There are LED indicators on the Motorola DOCSIS 3.1 for customer ease. Wide compatibility and multi-Gigabit speed make it one of the best VDSL modem routers.

When it comes to sports, there are not many but 4 ports on the DOCSIS 3.1 modem. These ports are provided for Ethernet cable and power coax cable. We highly recommend Motorola MB8600 DOCSIS 3.1 to our audience.

Weight and Design: Days are gone when people used huge heavy Wi-Fi modems. But nowadays people are going towards compact, lightweight, and decent-looking modem routers just like the MB8600 DOCSIS 3.1 modem. It has 2 pounds weight in total which makes it very light. The design, on the other hand, is also very adequate.


  • Multi-ISP compatibility
  • Surge protection
  • Link Aggregation


  • Pricey for budget concerned


  • One Ethernet port only

Asus RT-AC88U

Best VDSL Modem Router


  • Connectivity: wireless, Ethernet
  • Connection Standard: 802.11ac
  • No. of ports: 8
  • Frequency Band: dual-band
  • Provider: ASUS
  • Dimensions: 7.4×11.8×2.38 inches
  • Weight: 2.09 pounds

Note: People living in a small apartment but require fast internet speed can go for Asus RT-AC88U.


It is one of the best VDSL modem routers due to all its features, particularly the strong connectivity and 4K streaming.

Compatibility and Connectivity: Considering compatibility an important factor of a modem/router we will be discussing the devices Asus RT-AC88U is compatible with. All the Wi-Fi-enabled devices can connect to this router in a secure way, these devices can be computers, phones, gaming consoles, etc.

The method through which the Asus RT-AC88U connects to devices is both wired and wireless. Wireless connectivity is favorable, however, an Ethernet cable can be used to connect your computer, printer, and other devices to the RT-AAC88U router as well.

Frequency and Speed: Nowadays VDSL users want a wide range with high speed and the demand has reached so high that companies are now developing and manufacturing dual-band frequency modems with built-in Wi-Fi routers. Secondly, 3167Mbps of data transfer speed is incredible for RT-AC88U. there is no way we could have not included it in our best VDSL modem router list.

Security: For secure usage Asus Rt-AC88U allows its users to enable some of the best security protocols including Firmware and Firewall. It also provides AiProtection to detect and prevent threats. Further security is offered by WPA2-AES however security level is increased by enabling separate passwords for Web GUI and wireless networks.

Build and Ports: Built strong and solid to accompany you for a long time. There are four (4) amplified antennas on the device for stronger signal transmission. The spotlight also falls on its LED indicators for ease of the customer. Furthermore, a large number of ports, almost double the ones discussed before, are present on this device. It has eight (8) pots in total.

Weight and Design: Asus RT-AC88U weighs 2.09 pounds in total which is doubtlessly light. The weight of a modem router is important when it comes to adjusting it on the wall. The design of the RT-AC88U is very elegant. Obviously, the design is complemented by a strong build.


  • Excellent speed
  • Wireless as well as Ethernet connectivity
  • Support 9 wired connections
  • Support IP cameras


  • The body often gets dusted
  • Costly


  • A Signal booster is required to increase the coverage


Best VDSL Modem Router


  • Connectivity: wireless
  • Connection Standard: 802.11n
  • No. of ports: 9
  • Frequency Band: single-band
  • Provider: ZYXEL
  • Dimensions: 10.6×10.1×2.6 inches
  • Weight: 1.92 pounds

Note: If you want an uninterrupted internet connection for your VDSL outlet, ZYXEL C1100Z is one fine modem to provide it.


To begin with, ZYXEL C1100Z is one of the finest VDSL modems. It provides fast speed with high security.

Compatibility and Connectivity:  Being a CenturyLink Wi-Fi router ZyXEL C1100Z is compatible with almost all the devices that actively work on Wi-Fi. It connects with all these devices wirelessly and provides a speed of up to 300Mbps hence incredible performance can be achieved by one of the best VDSL modem routers C1100Z.

It connects to a large number of devices simultaneously providing high speed at the same time in a wireless manner. This modem/router relieves you from the extra mess created at offices and homes due to modem wires and short cables.

Frequency and Speed: A single band frequency means this router is capable of providing you with a strong range of 2.4 GHz frequency. Keeping the general statistics in mind, ZyXEL C1100Z gives a wide and strong range of wireless internet and also the VDSL service.

The wireless activity of the C1100Z is quite impressive. A high speed that ranges up to 300Mbps is highly reliable. It supplies high speed which is enough to run countless multimedia and other data-consuming activities. The connection standard 802.11n is another excellent factor about ZyXEL C1100Z, therefore, making its way to our best VDSL modem routers list.

Build and Ports: The build is solid despite its main component being plastic. The rectangular plastic body of ZyXel C1100CZ is highly durable. Its design and footprint are improved to a greater extent. There is a large number of usable ports. The ports are used to connect numerous devices to the modem. These ports can plug Ethernet cables, power cables, USB cables, LAN/WAN, and a phone cable as well.

Weight and Design: A lightweight router is all you need if you want to fit it on a wall easily. ZyXel C1100Z has a total weight of 1.92 pounds which is considerably light. This versatile router is beautifully designed to fit in the office as well as the house. The box-like shape gives a decent look with a compact design. Keeping in view all the features we think it is one of the best VDSL modem routers.


  • Lightweight and sleek design
  • Remote monitoring makes it easily controllable
  • User-friendly setup for newbies


  • Omit wired connection


  • Sometimes the auto-detect option stop working

NETGEAR Nighthawk D7000

Best VDSL Modem Router


  • Connectivity: wireless
  • Connection Standard: 802.11a/b/g/n
  • No. of ports: 4
  • Frequency Band: dual-band
  • Provider: NETGEAR
  • Dimensions: 12.36×8.27×4.57 inches
  • Weight: 2.02 pounds

Note: Undoubtedly the best VDSL modem router for people who like speed. A wireless device with dual band frequency and modern design.


It is one of the best NETGEAR modem routers in the world for its performance, reliability, and wide coverage. Shortly, we will be discussing the pros and cons of the Nighthawk D7000 so keep up.

Compatibility and Connectivity: Starting with the compatibility of the NETGEAR Nighthawk D7000, just like standard Wi-Fi routers it is compatible with certain devices namely laptops, computers and mobiles, etc. As we explored further, we found out that it not only supports CenturyLink but also Verizon, and Frontier AT&T as well.

Being a wireless modem it obviously does not require wires to connect to these multiple devices. The wide networks including 802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11g, and 802.11n make it one of the best VDSL modem routers because it is highly compatible with a wide range of networks.

Frequency and Speed: Believe it or not, the dual-band frequency is all you need for excellent Wi-Fi speed throughout the wide range of a modem and Nighthawk D7000 surely provides it. A 2.4 GHz frequency, as well as the 5 GHz, makes the router one of the best.

Now coming to speed, during our research and testing data speed went up to 1900 Mbps when connected to an 802.11ac network which is exceptional. The speed is amazing, the weight is light and the frequency is dual-band. What else should we look for in the best VDSL modem router? 

Security: Nobody wants to expose their personal data to hackers therefore to protect your information of all kinds NETGEAR Nighthawk D7000 features certain security protocols. The recommended security setups are WPA2 and WPA3 which keep all your devices secure.

Build and Ports: Nighthawk D7000 manufactured by NETGEAR is undoubtedly one of the best VDSL modem routers but the build is excellent in its own way. The three amplified antennas at the top are perfectly set to deliver you secure high-speed Wi-Fi. There are four (4) ports in total on the device by which users can connect devices via Ethernet cables.

Weight and Design: Now coming to the physical features of the router let’s first discuss the weight. NETGEAR Nighthawk D7000 has a weight of 2.02 pounds only. It is indeed light and compact. Moreover, the design is quite professional which suits every room and office.


  • Amazing speed
  • Wide coverage area
  • Excellent design


  • Huge Footprint
  • Expensive


  • Not user-friendly interface

Actiontec Model C1000A

Best VDSL Modem Router


  • Connectivity: wireless
  • Connection Standard: 802.11b/g/n
  • No. of ports: 8
  • Frequency Band: single-frequency
  • Provider: Actiontec
  • Dimensions: 5.6x9x1.6 inches
  • Weight: 1.35 pounds

Note: It is a trustworthy modem/router because of the eight (8) GB internal storage it offers. Adding to this, the C1000A device itself is very decent in looks and simple in functioning.


We have already discussed some of the best VDSL modem routers then why this one? Every modem router in this has something special to offer you likewise, Actiontec Model C1000A has a trustworthy built-in eight (8) GB internal storage.

Compatibility and Connectivity: With the increase in quality companies are also working on increasing the compatibility of Wi-Fi routers. In fact, this Actiontec Model C1000A supplies excellent performance with CenturyLink and other DSL providers. Furthermore, there is a port on the device for telephone cable so you can also connect a phone to C1000A.

The C1000A modem is wireless and built with advanced technology and updated hardware. The wireless C1000A can connect to all your Wi-Fi-enabled devices such as mobiles, computers, printers and TV etc.

Frequency and Speed: A single band frequency modem means that it covers a wide range of areas providing a 2.4 GHz frequency. The speed of the Actiontec Model A1000C is not compromised at any point.

If you prefer a dual-band frequency, we have included some high-end dual-band modems on this list as well. With a download speed of up to 80 Mbps, Actiontec Model A1000C is one of the best VDSL modem routers.

Security: Complementing the security of Actiontec Model A1000C is its advanced security protocol. The WPA support makes it sure friendly and highly secure. Supporting the incredible WEP and WPA-PSK as well as WPA2-PSK, A1000C is one of the finest VDSL modems. By using this modem your data will be safe from hackers and viruses.

Build and Ports: Ensuring high durability by its build quality A1000C provides superb performance. The device may be made up of plastic but it is so strong that you feel it very natural when held. With a large number of ports (8) users can connect a large number of Wi-Fi-enabled devices to it.

Weight and Design: Weighing only 1.35 pounds Actiontec Model A1000C is so far the lightest modem router on this list. Keeping it light and simple the company focuses more on the performance of the modem. The design is rather simple with certain indicators for customer ease and ports for device connecting purposes.


  • 8GB internal space
  • Lightweight, compact and wireless
  • Extensive signal transmission


  • Manual configuration is needed every time the network changes


  • Limited connectivity options
Best VDSL Modem Router


  • Connectivity: wireless/wired 
  • Connection Standard: 802.11a
  • No. of ports: 6
  • Frequency Band: dual band
  • Provider: TP-Link
  • Dimensions: 6.59×1.29×9.59 inches
  • Weight: 1.6 pounds

Note: To keep its user’s data safe from foreign attacks the Archer VR400 features various security setups.


Unquestionably, this TP-Link is the best VDSL modem/router to get. The high security, guest network and dual connection options are superb.

Compatibility and Connectivity: First of all, the most important aspect we are looking for in all the modem routers in this list is that they should be compatible with VDSL. TP-Link Archer VR400 is of course compatible with VDSL and also one of the best vdsl2 modem. It is compatible with all Wi-Fi-enabled devices whether wirelessly or with the help of a wire.

Connectivity shall not be a problem for TP-Link Archer VR400 users because you can connect your mobile, laptop, computer, and another device to the modem wirelessly but at the same time if you wish to connect via cable it is surely possible via Ethernet cable.

Frequency and Speed: As a dual-band frequency holder, Archer VR400 provides a wide range of high-speed VDSL internet. It provides a 2.4 GHz frequency alongside the 5 GHz. The entire performance of VR400 is enhanced by this frequency and speed.

Providing a speed rate up to 300Mbps at 2.4 GHz frequency whereas 867Mbps at 5 GHz frequency which is incredible. Users are loving the exceptional performance of this modem. It is undoubtedly one of the best VDSL modem routers that we recommend to our audience.

Security: Benefiting the security of Archer VR400 is the advanced security protocol it follows. Speaking of security, it has encrypted WEP and WPA/WPA2 along with the WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK. These encryptions make it highly secure to support all your activities and keep it secure. Your information is highly secure if you are going for this TP-Link device now or in the near future.

Build and Ports: TP-Link Archer VR400 is strongly built for a durable long life. As usual, modems are made up of plastic, Archer VR400 is also made up of plastic but the design and quality are exceptionally beautiful. The three-block design with three antennas at the top makes it very decent which looks great in an office apartment.

Its ability to connect both wirelessly and wired increases the number of ports on it. There are a total of six (6) ports on the modem for connectivity purposes whereas a power slot is also present. There are indicators for customer ease. All the features collectively make it one of the best DSL modem routers.

Weight and Design: Total weight of the TP-Link Archer VR400 is measured to be 1.6 pounds. It is indeed a lightweight and compact modem router supporting VDSL by the DSL internet. The design of the Archer VR400 is incredible. The black professional look with a sleek design makes it a superb modem.

It is highly compatible, and works both in wired and wireless methods. The secure networking is indeed an attractive feature alongside the dual-band frequency. The plastic build also feels very solid and the elegant design is suitable for homes and offices. 


  • Dual band frequency
  • Support three backup channels
  • Nice build


  • Irreplaceable antennas
  • Old design


  • The device is expensive



  • Connectivity: wireless/Ethernet
  • Connection Standard: 802.11b/g/n
  • No. of ports: 4
  • Frequency Band: single-band
  • Provider: ARRIS
  • Dimensions: 6.8×1.6×81 inches
  • Weight: 2.32 pounds

Note: People who use devices like phones, tablets and other Wi-Fi devices think that this ARRIS device is the best VDSL modem router for them.


Compatibility of the ARRIS NVG443B makes it capable of consideration but the dual connectivity option, various compatible devices and coverage surely make it capable of adding to this list. Without wasting your time let’s check it out.

Compatibility and Connectivity: A modem router must support numerous internet providers, devices, operating systems and security protocols. Now what the best modem router does is that it supports all of the mentioned setups, just the ARRIS NVG443B. It works with any DSL internet.

It connects both with and without Ethernet cable with devices such as computers, media streaming devices, gaming consoles and many more. The wireless connection is advanced but not let out any features NVG443B gives the Ethernet option as well.

Frequency and Speed: Firstly, this triple play modem runs different online activities with a data rate of up to 686Mbps on the dual-band frequency. Overall performance of the modem is excellent throughout the wide range.

It pretty much works with all the DSL networks but when it comes to VDSL specifically, ARRIS NVG443B provides up to 50Mbps data speed. It is simply one of the best VDSL modem routers that work with the entire DSL internet.

Security: The entire internet community, whether the network suppliers, devices providers or users, are highly concerned about the security of the users. As customers demand highly secure services the manufacturers are in a race to provide the best security devices. Now in this regard, ARRIS NVG443B features WPA2-PSK hence securing your data and ensuring safe networking. 

Build and Ports: When it comes to the quality of working, NVG443B is one of the best VDSL modem routers similarly it is the best when it comes to building quality as well. It is highly durable with a beautiful design. The quality of NVG443B is excellent.

Secondly, there is the connectivity of a modem which carries a certain number of ports just like the NVG443B. It has a total of eight (8) ports. All the features doubtlessly make it one of the best VDSL modem routers.

Weight and Design: Weighing 2.32 pounds, the ARRIS NVG443B modem is agreeably lightweight. When we further explore the modem, it is quite compact and decently designed. The physical outlook of this modem is very professional featuring some indicators, ports and labels.

ARRIS NVG443B has excellent build quality, secure working, highly compatible and very fast speed. The design is very elegant just like its performance. Furthermore, the dual connectivity options also compel VDSL users toward this modem.


  • Both wireless and Ethernet connectivity option
  • Compatible with almost all the Wi-Fi enabled devices
  • Compact design


  • Costly with respect to performance


  • Heavy in terms of weight

Tips to Choose Best VDSL Modem Router (Infographics)


Buying Guide

This portion of our article the ‘Best VDSL Modem Router’ is the buying guide. Our buying guide at the end of every article is composed by experts for the purpose of providing ease to our audience. We make sure that our audience gets the best tech devices therefore if you are not satisfied by the aforementioned reviews we would love to help you via this buying guide.

We will be discussing some features that are important for any customer before purchasing one. Please keep in mind that your selection of the modem router is totally based on your preference and needs. We can only guide you through the features and specs. However, your selection shall be based on what you are looking for in a modem.

We hope this buying guide is helpful to you in a way. So without further due let’s dive into the guide.


As this article is all about the best VDSL modem routers, the main concern of our team during compiling this article was to search for the modem that is compatible with VDSL provided by the DSL internet. So when you search for a modem router keep in mind the reason behind your research and decide accordingly. A device that is compatible with a wide range of operating systems, Wi-Fi-enabled devices, and internet providers is the best one to get.


Of course, speed is the most essential factor of a modem. There are modems benefiting from single band frequency hence providing a wider range of wireless networking. On the other hand, there are dual-band frequency bearing modems that provide ultra-fast internet speed to the users which are indeed the best. Now you have to decide which frequency and speed you would like. Also going for the speed that fulfills your need will be your best choice to make.

Security and Ports

The security of a modem/router requires your sincere attention as well. Modems feature some security setups in order to keep your personal data safe from attacks by viruses and hackers. Keeping an eye on the security of a modem surely holds importance but connectivity is also very essential.

A modem comes with a wireless connectivity option but there are other ports that are needed for various purposes like connecting a telephone or printer to it. Moreover, there is a power port on the device as well. So check the connectivity options before you buy something.


Your affordability matters a lot. A device may be the best but if not affordable for you then it’s of no use. So looking around for a modem/router that provides the best performance also falls in your budget range. Keep looking for a modem that satisfies not only your needs but also your budget.

Frequently Asked Question

1) Do I need a special modem for VDSL?

Yes, A VDSL connection demands a special VDSL modem/router to work similarly an ADSL connection requires an ADSL-compatible modem/router.

2) What are the VDSL modems?

The full form of VDSL is basically ‘Very high bit-rate Digital Subscriber Line’. It uses optic-fiber or copper wire to deliver a secure connection from your phone line.

3) Are all VDSL modems the same?

Well, all the VDSL modems must be compatible with the VDSL service. Modems other than the ones compatible with the VDSL service will not work with it.

4) Is VDSL reliable?

Yes, VDSL is a more dedicated and reliable internet line than ADSL. It is available at most of the country parts providing high speed and reliable connection.


This was our article about the ‘Best VDSL Modem Router’. We hope this article was helpful to you. All the essential details, of these eight modem routers mentioned above, are included in the reviews. The information is entirely based on research and analysis. We hope this article satisfies your needs but in case of an inconvenience of any sort feel free to contact us.

We hope this article helps.

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