Best Motherboard For RTX 2070 Super in 2022 – Expert’s Review

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Best Motherboard For RTX 2070 Super

Best Motherboard For RTX 2070 Super

If you are a game lover, you must crave the ultimate gaming experience. This list of best motherboards for 2070 super will help you in this, and we have compiled the most proficient, economical, and up-to-mark motherboards that will make you fall harder for gaming.

However, first, let’s know what a motherboard is? It is a part of the CPU and controls all computer parts, just like our brain controls our body. It has memory and other slots connecting peripheral devices, video cards, and hard drives.

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Does the motherboard affect the gaming experience? The answer is yes!. It does not directly affect your gaming; however, a good motherboard helps the processor and graphic card work better. A low-quality motherboard will negatively affect your gaming experience and mood. Moreover, all other video editors and graphic designers also have an excellent chance to improve their productivity and output by investing in this motherboard.

Quick Table For You

NameMemory SpeedRAM TechnologyMemory Storage
ASUS ROG Maximus XI hero2400 MHZDDR4 RAM128GB
MSI Meg X570 Unify Motherboard4600+(OC) MHzDDR4 RAM128GB
MSI B550-A PRO ProSeries Motherboard4400 MHzDDR4 RAM128GB
MSI Arsenal Gaming2133 MHzDDR4 RAM2X8 16 GB RAM
ASUS AM4 TUF Gaming X570-Plus (Wi-Fi}4400 MHzDDIM RAM128 GB
ASUS ROG Strix B550-F Gaming4400 MHzDDR4 RAM128 GB
ASUS Prime Z390-A Motherboard LGA1151 2400 MHzDDR4 RAM32 GB
MSI Performance GAMING Intel 8th Gen LGA 11514000 MHzDDR4 RAM64 GB

Now, if you don’t know what RTX 2070 super is, let’s discuss it. It is a high-quality Quad HD video card designed to work for all high-end modern games. Moreover, one of the things that you need with this graphic may include RTX 2070 super motherboard compatibility with it.

 After investing in this costly graphic card, you should not miss the chance of a compatible and best motherboard for 2070 super that can provide you with the other unique and ultimate gaming experience among all your friends and pals.

List of Best motherboard for 2070 super

Each motherboard mentioned here varies slightly in terms of specifications, requirements, and price. Also, all of them are RTX 2070 compatible motherboards. Only with imperative research and full-read to be sure that you are investing in the right product, so read thoroughly about all motherboards to find the exact one that meets your requirements.

Let’s get started!

ASUS ROG Maximus XI hero

Best Motherboard For RTX 2070 Super


  • 2400 MHZ memory speed
  • 4.0 available memory slots
  • DDR4 RAM technology
  • 8th generation intel core
  • 128GB memory storage
  • Core i73537U CPU 
  • LGA 1151 CPU socket

Note: If you are a heavy gamer or a PC builder, you should go for this for its pre-mounted I/O shield, Auto-sync feature, RTX 2070 compatibility, VRM cooling, and better audio. You will find it the best motherboard for 2070 super.


If your PC already has different memory slots and can be an easy fit for 8th and 9th-generation intel core processors –then you should go for Asus ROG Maximus XI Hero. Moreover, it also has features to improve the sound system, and its more astounding design fills the missing vibe in the room.

  • This motherboard makes the computer super fast as it supports dual M,2 that allows 2 slots for storage simultaneously. Secondly, its USB 3.1 of the 2nd generation is known for supporting an improved speed of 10 gigabits per second. Not just this, but the wifi technology they used is advanced so that you can quickly and easily perform your tasks and play games without any distortion.
  • Moreover, you don’t need to worry about the pc or motherboard getting overheated. It uses smart prediction and thermal telemetry technology to keep the clocks in check and optimize them in 5 different ways. Also, it has a special FanXpert4 designed especially for cooling purposes. 
  • Aura sync is also present in this superficial motherboard. It is an ASUS company’s RGB controller specifically designed for gamers that allows you to express your true individuality. You can have an endless spectrum of colors, and it also allows the light to link and sync with the music, CPU/GPU temperature, and even with in-game action. Also, it has addressable headers, which means that you won’t need a controller separately and can customize RGB using this motherboard.

It is an excellent motherboard that gives you all the technical features for gaming and allows you to enjoy every second of your gaming experience to its full extent. Its pre-mounted I/O shield has been one of its best features.


Asus always has some specs that set it apart from other top-tier companies. However, there are some things that you should not miss out on if you are buying this. It is a bit pricey, but it is due to the brands.

So, if you are not buying this for a gaming or heavy working purpose, we suggest you go for another one. The second thing is that its user manual is useless. However, you can download it from the internet. The BIOS of windows may need to be updated as well.


  • Built-in wifi card
  • Cool design
  • Auto optimization and cooling system
  • Auto-sync feature for colors.
  • Allows smooth working and gaming


  • Works with Windows 10 and BIOS may need to be updated
  • AI overclocking needs to be improved.

MSI Meg X570 Unify Motherboard

Best Motherboard For RTX 2070 Super


  • DDR4 memory technology
  • 2.5 Gbit LAN
  • 6GB memory storage
  • Four memory slots are available
  • AX wifi
  •   No RBG bling

Note: This motherboard is mainly for the ones who are heavy gamers and want the ultimate and smooth gaming experience with RTX 2070 super in their personal computers.


It has everything that a motherboard needs with RTX 2070 super. It uses the PCIe 4.0 interface of the motherboard, which is the latest one on the market, and connects the best sound card, video card, graphic card, etc., in it.

It doubles their bandwidth, and with that, you enjoy lightspeed gaming. Moreover, it also has an option with which you can reset BIOS.

  • It is compatible with AMD 2nd and 3rd generation Ryzen processors, better than intel, and even the best processor. As it has single-threading and multi-threading capabilities, it is ideal for gaming, and thus it is best for RTX 2070.
  • You will find amazing network speed in this motherboard and experience the best online gaming with this. It has2.5 Gigabit LAN  network connectivity by Realtek “8125CG,” through which you will never face slow internet speed. They have used the LAN function of WiFi -6 (IEEE 802. 11ax) for wireless technology, which belongs to Intel AX200, allowing super-fast internet connection.
  • You also don’t need to worry about the computer speed with MSI MegX70  as it supports DDR4 memory technology, which has the highest overall speed. You enjoy high transfer speed with less voltage that allows performance-boosting by 50% compared to DDR3. It also includes 6GB of memory storage, enough for gaming.
  • You also experience overclocking speed of 4600+ MHZ with a combination of the large MOSFET heat sink, 2+6 phase(IR35201) digital power circuit, server-grade PCB, and Auxiliary power connector of 8pin X 2, etc.

It has an AM4 CPU socket and is the latest socket of Ryzen. When you play games, the motherboard and system surely need to be cooled down. For that, they have used a frozen heatsink design. PCI-e gen 4 capabilities with X570 chipset works and help in cooling down the system and do not disturb massive data bandwidth. You can say that it is the best motherboard for 2070 super.


When you invest your money into something, you surely need to know its drawbacks.  No doubt, MSI MEG X570 is a great motherboard. However, you cannot use ECC memory with it. Moreover, to use boars audio, first, you have to install Nahimic 3 from the windows store.

Also, to control the RGB header, you first need to install it to manage them. Lastly, users who used the last version of Dragon Center software complained a lot. However, the new version of it seems to be working fine now.


  • Four Memory slots
  • Fan headers
  • Overlocked ram speed 4700 MHz
  • Three m2 sockets
  • Ax wifi
  •  2.5 Gbit LAN
  • USB type C front connector


  •  No integrated CPU
  • Thunderbolt ports are not present
  • No DVI outputs

MSI B550-A PRO ProSeries Motherboard

Best Motherboard For RTX 2070 Super


  • 4 memory slots
  • 8  fan headers
  • 4400 MHz memory speed
  • DDR4 memory technology
  • 128GB RAM and Memory Storage
  • AMD B550 Chipset’s type

Note: If you are looking for a low-priced motherboard with basic design features, you should go for this one.


This motherboard is compatible with 3rd generation  AMD and future AMD. It is the best processor out there and even is best than intel. You can also count it as the best motherboard for 2070 super because of its durability. Its MSI PCI Express steel armor secures the slot with solid points. Also, it supports the weight of different cards, including heavy graphics cards. Moreover, it also acts as a shield from electromagnetic interference.

  • The factor that mainly affects the speed is RAM. This motherboard is compatible with DDR4 RAM, which is one of the best for gaming, and has a memory of 128 GB with 4400 MHz speed. In this way, you can play games without any hanging.
  • One more thing that improves your gaming experience is PCIe. It is related to the particular type of connection between the different cards, and PCIe 4.0 is the fastest data transfer solution. It is present in the motherboard and gives light speed, smooth and fast experience by the unidirectional transfer bandwidth available on hard drives, graphic cards, etc., up to 64GB/s.
  • You can run high-end games in a high-end processor, and its extended heat sink technology will increase the heat dissipation surface, and the temperature will remain minimal. In this way, your system will not slow down due to temperature. Moreover, its PCB design and thick copper allow your system to stay at the right temperature by increasing conductivity and heat dissipation.
  • This motherboard also has Core boost technology. It combines different electric circuits and components, allowing the fast transfer of current to the CPU. Thus you enjoy the precise, current, and fast output.

It is not happening anymore if you struggle with wire arrangement and hate them like me. MSI’s atypical PCB edge will be arranging your USB cables and SATA. Moreover, this motherboard also allows you to update BIOS so that if you face any faulty error, you can quickly fix this.


It is an excellent motherboard with unique features. To use them, your PC should complete the requirements. This motherboard is unfortunately only compatible with windows 10. It does not end here. You can easily change windows to use them.

However, the thing that might be unfortunate for you is the processor. To make your system use MSI B550 Pro, it needs to have AMD 3rd generation Ryzen processor or RYZEN future processors.

Lastly, when we interviewed users, they mentioned that it sometimes gave errors. But, when they updated the BIOS, there was no more problem.


  • Four memory slots
  • 8 fan headers
  • No RGB
  • Installation and BIOS setup are easy


  • CPU cooler does not fit easily
  • No ECC memory support
  • No integrated CPU

MSI Arsenal Gaming

Best Motherboard For RTX 2070 Super


  • 2133 MHz memory speed
  • AM4 CPU socket
  • DDR4 Memory technology
  • AM4 chipset type
  • M.2 2TB storage
  • 2X8 16 GB RAM

Note: It is the best motherboard for 2070 super if you want it for your desktop computer. Unfortunately, it does not work on other systems.


As the name already suggests, MSI Arsenal Gaming is one of the best choices when you are looking for an ultimate and super gaming experience. The advantage of this motherboard over others is that its design keeps you one step ahead of your opponents and enemies in the game. Software and hardware tools are integrated with it for this purpose.

  • Games using this motherboard are fast as it also has the feature to overclock the system. Overclocking is a process in which one pushes and helps the computer show outputs faster than its capabilities. Its overclocking speed is 4133 OC MHz.
  • They use BIOS 5, which provides an easy layout and interface to understand its working and play games without any hurdles. Also, this BIOS 5 gives you advanced tuning capabilities. So, whenever you face errors, just tune it using BIOS features. It does not end here. You can also recover BIOS in seconds with its BIOS push recovery button.
  • This motherboard also uses CORE boost technology that assures precise and fast output. The electric components and cards deliver current through optimized circuit design to produce the best output in this technology. As long as its slots are concerned, it has one turbo M.2 slot that allows NVMe protocol (set of rules) that makes the system five times faster than the regular SATA connection and provides speed up to 32GB per second.
  • Is the system also getting hot? Being a gamer myself, I know how frustrating it is when our desktop computer gets hot during the game. You don’t need to face it anymore because this motherboard has a heat sinker. It is placed under the VRM and dissipates heat through its larger surface area, keeps it cool, and lets the system perform better.

One more fantastic thing about this motherboard is its sound system. Gaming also involves the sounds of crashing, killing, etc., that we love, and it undoubtedly multiplies our gaming extent and makes it more enjoyable. Also, they have improved their circuits that allow your PC to run high-end programs at maximum speed.


It is only for desktop computers and was only compatible with  AMD 2nd and 3rd generation processors. However, now they are compatible with RYZEN’s most processors, including the RYZEN 3000 series. It has been upgraded, and now they Thand AMD Athlon. Moreover,  it also works for windows 7 in addition to windows 10.


  • Sturdy and well-built
  • Great sound system
  • Roomy to plug things in
  • Shielded connectors


  • Costly
  • No USB- C connector
  • No mounting screws
  • Only 4 USB- A port at the back

ASUS AM4 TUF Gaming X570-Plus (Wi-Fi}

Best Motherboard For RTX 2070 Super


  • 4400 MHz memory speed
  • Memory storage: 128 GB
  • Platform: Windows 10
  • Intel WiFi and Bluetooth 5.0
  • Addressable RGB headers of Gen 2

Note: ASUS tug gaming x57-plus  is for those who have 2nd or 3rd Gen AMD Ryzen processors and need super 


You can consider it the best motherboard for 2070 super as it has everything that a gamer may need. From aura sync RGB lightning and comprehensive cooling system to durability, reliability, and stability, you will find everything and enjoy it while playing.

  • If you are looking for a durable motherboard that can perform perfectly for your gaming purpose, you are right place. It uses military-grade TUF components that allow extended cooling options and promises long-term durability. This upgraded solution is one of the reasons that you get a stable and unwavering gaming experience and delivers rock-solid performance. Additionally, it’s a Pro cool socket or connector, which a gamer engineer reinvented, ensuring that everything is connected and the current passes perfectly. The last thing that ensures durability is the Digi Plus VRM, a program that lets you control the CPU frequency and voltage, and thus you get stable connections.
  • This motherboard uses an AMD  AM4 socket, which is only compatible with 2nd and 3rd gen AMD ryzen processors. Two numbers of M.2 drives, SSD or Mounted Storage expansion cards, can be used in this socket. Also, USB 3.2 Gen 2 for storage, which gives transfer speed up to 20gbps, is allowed to use in this socket.  A combination of this socket and processor, M.2, and USB will result in amazing connectivity that will never let your game stop/pause in the middle. Not just this, but it also gives impressive system speed through which you will be making consistent quick clicks here on the computer.
  • Now when it comes to cooling. We have all faced the situation where our PC got heated. You might have no idea how damaging it can be. In short, excessive heat leads to permanent damage to the system. This motherboard has a proper system that keeps the computer cool even when high-end software and games run. First, it has a Heat sink that will allow the heat to dissipate. Then it comes to VRM, which also has a heat sinker and lets the heat spread out quickly. The third is the M.2 heatsink, a passive one that does the same tasks as other sinkers and keeps the system cool. Now for cooling, it has hybrid fan headers and fans experts to participate in the cooling process of the motherboard.

If you are concerned about the network specifically for gaming, then let me mention that it contains every part that contributes to improving the network while gaming. It includes 160 MHz channels, exclusive gigabit Ethernet, and intel wireless AC-9260 WI-FI.


It is a good motherboard, but it may cause you a slight problem in terms of BIOS. It is of the very old version and was not updated most of the time when delivered. So, the users had to borrow another CPU from another place to update it.


  • WIFI and Bluetooth
  • PCI-E 4.0
  • Great VRM
  • Well-built and organized


  • Ethernet causes errors above 10mps
  • BIOS is not that good for overclocking
  • Less space to workaround

ASUS ROG Strix B550-F Gaming

Best Motherboard For RTX 2070 Super


  • 4400 MHz memory speed
  • DDR4 Memory technology
  • AM4 CPU socket
  • Cool design
  • Fan header
  • Cooling process

Note: If you have been using game consoles for a long time or have experience of building pc with motherboards, then this will be the best motherboard for 2070 super for you.


This motherboard is specifically for game consoles. Gamers play games on game consoles using a controller. Also, the processors compatible with this motherboard are AMD 3rd generation Ryzen.

  • The gaming systems need to have fast outputs because while gaming, pictures of live video are required to be changed constantly. It is necessary to have the best and fast current transfer to get immediate results. This motherboard has a unique power system and a robust power design. It includes 12plus2 DrMOS power stages for your CPUs with advanced alloy chokes and gives reliable power using their high-quality capacitors for the AMD high-count-core CPUs.
  • Secondly, we all know how the overheating factor can almost destroy our computer. That is why this motherboard has an optimized thermal solution for this problem. Fanless VRM( used to control and low-down the voltage) and chipset’s heatsinks will help your computer stay cool. VRM’s heat sinker is essential, mainly because it does not use the motherboard as a heat sinker. However, VRM with ASUS stack cool 3plus design will keep the temperature optimal and reliable. It will even work under heavy pressure because of increased passing cooling capacity. 
  • As long as its connectivity is concerned, you will not get disappointed. It uses high technology networking of 2.5 GB LAN with ASUS languard. Other factors that contribute to this motherboard include dual M.2 slots, in which one is used with Thunderbolt 3 header and 4 PCIe 4.0. It allows your PC to have maximum storage, flexibility, and the fastest data speed. The ports they use are also amazing and allow an immediate connection.
  • This motherboard uses 2.5G ethernet and boosts your wireless connections with it. You can enjoy fast transfer, smoother streaming, and lowest-latency gaming with the improved and updated version of ethernet cable.

Ethernet connections give you faster file transfers, the lowest-latency gaming, and smoother high-res video streaming. This motherboard has a cool design through a 4-pin DC fan header, AIO pump fan header, and multiple temperature sources.


The drawback of this motherboard is that it only runs on Windows 10. Also, the compatible CPU model for this motherboard is AMD Ryzen 7.

Another downside is that there are only a few options to experience RGB. The ethernet that it has needs Ethernet drivers, so before you buy one, make sure that you already have it. Otherwise, you can buy it separately as well.

If you face a LAN problem, you can easily fix it by updating BIOS to 2403. It will be smooth next time.

Also, some users faced Ryzen 5000 problems. You can quickly fix it by disabling the Global c5 state in BIOS but make sure that the monitor is on at that moment. 


  • M.2 position adjuster
  • High-quality sound DAC
  • Cool design
  • The sound system is amazing 
  • Strongly build


  • No TPM header
  • Glitchy software
  • One ARGB header
  • BIOS need update
  • No USB C header

ASUS Prime Z390-A Motherboard LGA1151 (Intel 8th And 9th Gen)

Best Motherboard For RTX 2070 Super


  • 8th Generation Intel Core Processor
  • DDR4 RAM Technology
  • 32 GB Memory Storage
  • 2400 MHz Memory Speed
  • PCI-E Graphics Card Interface
  • LGA 1151 CPU Socket Type

Note: If you are looking for a motherboard for RTX 2070 having the fastest speed and connectivity convenience, the Asus Prime Z390-A is the right choice for you.


This affordable Asus prime Z390-A is the best motherboard for 2070 Super, known for reliable and effective graphic capability. It is peculiarly customized for 8th and 9th Gen Intel Core Processors and goes smoothly with 10th Gen Windows. It is also compatible with the Asus Rogstrix Geforce RTX 2080 super advanced.

  • Asus is an outstanding brand for making motherboards having the finest and safest cooling technology. Its multi-tiered versatile heatsink design dissipates excessive heat, keeping your system cool without slowing it down. The dynamic temperature supportive headers and FanXpert 4 controlled fans are optimized to cool down the system.
  • The unique combination of the audio codec with Realtek ALC887 mitigates the noise possibility with impressive audio quality. The adjustable sensitive circuits of a hindrance with integrated sound chips ensure the best possible high-quality volume range for your headphones. Besides quality audio cards, it features above-the-par video cards to give you a better aesthetic gaming experience.
  • As far as your device’s safety is concerned, Asus Prime comes up with high voltage-resistant technology. Its safe slot core controls and keeps the voltage at its normal level, eschewing the feasibility of a short circuit. Moreover, its protective features extend the longevity and durability of this gaming console.
  • Having swift connectivity also makes it an impeccable option for users. It has a fast data transfer speed of up to 10gbps. Asus Optimum II is functionalized for improved and auto-optimized DRAM overclocking when the need arises.  It lets your operating system (OS) have easy and faster access to data.

Based on its surpassing features, it is specified not only for your working PC but also offers brilliant gaming feats. Similarly, its enchanting visuality and built-in ultra-level sound system make your investment safer and more enjoyable. It is an excellent and supportive enthusiast motherboard to go with you as per your professional demands.


Although it is an affordable RTX 2070 compatible motherboard with high-rated performance regarding CPU overclocking, it doesn’t support Windows 7. Also, it does not have an ARGB header which is the advanced technology of RGB headers and is mainly used nowadays. Still, you will get two RGB headers with this motherboard. Lastly, its USB-C front connector does not support the 2nd generation.


  • Better for connectivity augmentation
  • Optimal DRAM overclocking stability
  • Dynamic cooling system
  • Provide RGB addressable headers
  • Maximum transfer speed
  • Best audio & lighting quality
  • Supports DVD


  • Incompatible with windows 7
  • BIOS version is incompatible with 9th Gen intel
  •  Don’t have external USB connectors
  • No SSD

MSI Performance GAMING Intel 8th Gen LGA 1151

Best Motherboard For RTX 2070 Super


  • 3X Display Interface
  • 8th Gen Intel Core Professor
  • 4000 MHz Memory Speed
  • DDR4 RAM Memory Technology
  • Golden audio jacks
  • PCI-E Steel Armour
  • 4x USB 3.1 Gen 1

Note: If you are on the way to finding an impeccable gaming board with the lowest latency, then MSI Performance GAMING Intel 8th Gen LGA 1151 will be the perfect choice for you.


MSI is a leading brand for creating motherboards with the best CPU for RTX 2070 Super having unique features that keep them stable under extreme conditions. This multi-GPU board outsmarts your competitors with advanced gaming tools and features. The well-known MSI is the best motherboard 2070 Super, and an ATX-designed form with EZ debug LED. MSI Performance Gaming Z370 GAMING PLUS supports 8th and 9th GEN Intel core processors.

  • Your motherboard must be equipped with temperature-sensitive tools with advanced cooling technology for an ultra-level working pace. Considering this utmost requirement, the MSI power board builds in enough fan headers. These gaming heatsinks cool down the system while ensuring reliable and stable PC performance without letting it go slow.
  • After getting rid of the heating issue, the next desirous thing is an extreme pro level of sound quality. MSI also gets a rank over this specification due to its optimal controllable Chemi-Con audio capacitors. Besides that, its audio boost components reward your ears with premium quality, enthusiastic game-changing, gaming sound service. 
  • The VR-optimized branded MSI hardware offers you the best realistic virtual experience. The enhanced bandwidth management and improved virtual aesthetics take you into a lively world. Its better output display also lessens motion sickness and wooziness while gaming. Moreover, its steel-armored PCI-E video cards stay safe from bending and EMI.
  • Its unparalleled DDR4 memory performance augments data transfer speed up to 10Gb/s. The non-ECC, supportive memory enhances connectivity without compromising speed’s function. Its countless tuning capacity regulates the stability of the motherboard. This versatile, quality-tested hardware provides efficient troubleshooting tools for convenient installations.

This finest budget motherboard 2070 Super, is well-recognized for its superior and high-quality gaming experience. This gaming-certified product provides you with in-game perks over fast-loading games and surpassing levels.

Higher overclock ability stabilizes the functionality of your hardware to run your system smoothly. Several USB ports also make it a prioritized choice over others.


The  MSI RTX 2070 Super has quite supportive features, but it is not a good choice if you want a built-in Wifi feature. However, you have the option to utilize wifi from an external source due to the multiple ports available. Moreover, if you intend to enjoy better lighting effects and connect lighted accessories to your PC, you require RGB headers not available in this model. 


  • Has RGB Lighting
  •  Best for Gaming Purpose
  • 4 Memory Slots with several USB Ports
  • Studio-Grade sound quality
  •  Realistic Visuality Experience
  • Affordable with low latency
  • No thermal throttling issues


  • No built-in post speaker
  • BIOS Update is required before installing windows
  • BIOS updates only on 8th Gen Intel Processor
  • No built-in Wifi
  • It doesn’t have an RGB Header

Buying Guide

Buying Guide

We don’t want you to choose the wrong motherboard that won’t give any benefit to you and waste your money. So, We are here with all the features and aspects that you should look for in a motherboard when you buy the best motherboard for the 2070 super.


Just like we check the size of our laptop or computer when we buy them–it is also necessary to check the size of the motherboard. Now, if you are buying a motherboard for your computer, you should first see the size of your computer. It needs to be fixed inside it. After that, think if you want customization and excellent features for the pc. If yes, then go for a big-size monitor.


It undoubtedly plays an important role when you are looking for the best motherboard for the 2070 super. So, while buying, make sure your computer and motherboard make at least 16 GB of RAM. 

Cooling Functionality

Overheating may lead to the permanent failure of the motherboard and pc. That is why make sure that the motherboard you will buy has cooling functionality like a heat-sinker etc.


Some people believe that the costly motherboard will be better than the cheap ones, which is wrong. So, go for the one with premium features yet an average price.

Memory slots

They are important when looking for the best motherboard for the 2070 super. Other graphic cards and PCI-e slots may cause unexpected issues and speed problems. So, try to go for the memory slots of 16x speed or more for a great experience.


There is no need to mention why it is crucial. No matter how impressive, cool or costly the motherboard is, it must be compatible with 2070 super.

 FAQs of Best Motherboard For 2070 Super

 FAQs of Best Motherboard For 2070 Super

Which motherboard is best for 2070 super?

All the boards mentioned in this article are the best ones of the century and are the most compatible with 2070 super. The top ones are.
ASUS ROG Maximus XI hero
MSI Meg X570 Unify Motherboard
MSI B550-A PRO ProSeries Motherboard

What CPUs are best for RTX 2070 super?

The best CPU for 2070 super are mentioned below
Intel Core i9-10900K. It’s the best CPU specifically for gaming.
AMD Ryzen 9 3900X. It is the best CPU for gaming and other heavy tasks
Intel Core i5- 10600K: It is the second-best CPU specifically for gaming at a low price.

Should I still use RTX 2070 in 2022?

Yes. RTX 2070 is still doing great in 2022. It beats Radeon VII at today’s price and goes the same for the RTX 2080. In this way, you get $700 in performance for $500.

Which is the best version of RTX 2070 super?

The most 3 best versions of RTX 2070 super are

EVGA GeForce RTX 2070 Graphics Card
Zotac Gaming GeForce RTX 2070 Super Mini 8GB GDDR
EVGA GeForce RTX 2070 XC ULTRA Gaming.

Final Verdict

All the motherboards mentioned here are RTX 2070 compatible motherboards. It is important to mention that all of them are the best and added here after extensive research. That’s why it is suggested to give it a full read to find the one that meets your requirements. As they are the best, you don’t need to worry about them being non-durable.

Also, if you don’t know what to buy, you can consider our buying guide. If you still have questions, you can read FAQs that will help you. I hope by now you have decided what to buy. Good Luck and happy shopping!

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