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‘Runaway Captain’ Green, GSW ringing and laughing ‘time bomb’

‘Bill Laimbeer, Dennis Rodman, Bruce Bowen, Matthew Dellavedova, Zaza Pachulia, Meta World Peace, DeMarcus Cousins, Jack Randolph, Patrick Beverly, Kyrie Irving’ Representative bad guys of an era or ongoing in the NBA It is a list. They have a strong passion for team victory and tend not to hesitate to do bad things, but they have one thing in common: they sometimes cross the general line without hesitation due to excessive enthusiasm.

The gaze looking at them is polar opposite. Basically, he takes a lot of business trip time to help the team on either side of the offense and defense, and depending on the situation, he takes on the role of a villain at the risk of losing his image. But sometimes the villain is not the villain. There are not a few cases in which the team is put in danger by exploding their own emotions regardless of the sign of ‘Stop!’ by the coach and colleagues.

Rodman and Meta World Peace had a strong defense that could lead the team to victory, but from the team’s point of view, they had to live with anxiety just by accompanying them. It’s a problem on the court, but it’s because he constantly causes eccentricities outside. When he radiates his unique passion with victory energy, he is a reliable companion more than anyone else, but there were many times when he had to explode without stopping when he had to stop.

Detroit’s “Bad Boys” Bill Laimbeer and Bowen, who were called the salt of the San Antonio dynasty, were notorious for their dirty defense. Lamebeer, who often put his foot under the feet of an opponent who jumped, and Bowen, who hit the opponent’s face with a blow kick that can only be seen in martial arts movies during the match, did not hesitate to commit foul play that went beyond simple roughness and seriously injured the opponent. I had to hear a lot of complaints from fans of other teams.

Of course, it seems that the parties did not care much about such reputation, considering that they continued to play such a game regardless of this. Perhaps it was their own way of survival that allowed them to live in the huge jungle of the NBA, but their names are not erased in the history of villains and are talked about.

In the case of Irving, it is hard to see him seriously hurting his opponent on the court or ruining the atmosphere. But off the court it is different. In addition to all sorts of eccentricities, he is a character who does not hesitate to express his dissatisfaction with the team from time to time, spoil the atmosphere of the team, or cause a great loss to power. Above all, it is more difficult to use because you mistake yourself for a hero class rather than a bad boy.

Draymond Green (33‧198cm), one-club man of the Golden State Warriors, one of the best teams of the present era, is also an indispensable figure on this list. He is called a franchise star along with ‘Spicy Curry’ Stephen Curry (35‧188cm) and ‘Machine’ Klay Thompson (33‧198cm).

Green is a very unique player. Although he is an undersized big man who is neither big nor good in offense as a power forward, he contributes to the team’s 4 championships and reigns as one of the league’s leading stars. As for Green, his offense isn’t just bad. He has been criticized for being below average in his overall offensive skills as well as his shooting ability, which is more emphasized in modern basketball.

His career 3-point shooting percentage is just over 30%, and his trajectory is perfect for direct fire and being blocked. His current success rate also includes records from when he was at his best, so it is correct to say that he has gotten worse lately. Looking at his age, shooting form, and shooting trajectory, it seems difficult to expect his shooting ability to suddenly improve.

The shooting touch itself is not good, let alone the various post-up and face-up techniques that compliant big men have, so they do not have a stable field goal success rate even near the post. It is a style that is difficult to score a high score unless it is a day when the goal is directly fed by assists after firmly settling in, or when the shooting feel is exceptionally good.

Despite such weaknesses, the fact that Green plays a key role in Golden State’s system has a definite advantage to cover the lack of offense. Green is called a specialist when it comes to defense. He is not a player who can choke opponents in the front line with tremendous pressure or boasts overwhelming bottom-line control near the post, but he is an all-around defender who makes above-average defensive contributions on both sides of the front and back lines through his wide mobility. 

In addition to the all-weather anti-personnel defense ability that can block guards and big men, it is evaluated that there is nothing to put down in defense such as assist defense and stealing ability. He plays while watching the flow of the ball through high defensive BQ, so if he is on the court, mismatches do not occur in defense. It is no exaggeration to say that Green’s all-weather defense played an absolute part in Golden State’s rebirth as the best small-ball team.

With good strength and stamina compared to his size, he is smart and passionate, so he harasses and harasses his opponent so severely that it is difficult to breathe throughout the game. In addition, it is possible to play against big man, wing resource, and handler through diligent contests regardless of inside and outside because of good mobility and side step.

Of course, no matter how good the defense is, if there is no contribution in the offense, it can only be a half-place player. His value as a player is also greatly reduced. Green’s offensive skills and shooting ability are poor, but he is not a player with a low offensive contribution. He is both a key screener and a game maker at Golden State, where screen plays are toxic.

His wide field of vision and good ball-handling make him outstanding in his reading and passing abilities. He is a player who can demonstrate the highest level of ability as a ‘linker’ rather than a main ball handler, but it is analyzed that he is showing the best teamwork with Curry. Because of Green, Curry is a point guard, but he can relieve the burden of reading and play an active role as a scoring leader within the team, and it is possible to play organically with each other in various passing plays.

The passing play that goes through curry to the green and then to the teammates can be said to be the root and fruit of the Golden State offense system. It is enviable from the standpoint of other teams that such a player is active as a one-club man. Unfortunately, however, from the team’s point of view, green is often approached as a ‘double-edged sword’. It’s good to be passionate, but it’s because situations where you go too far and cut down your own team, not the opponent’s team, often happen.

Green, along with Curry, is in charge of a leadership role within the team. If Curry is a leader who revitalizes the spirit of his colleagues by focusing on compliments, Green is a strong leader who does not hesitate to speak bitterly. Of course, a leader like Green is needed for the team, and he actually had a lot of positive influence. As mentioned before, the problem is that there are many times when Green’s play and words and actions are excessive.카지노사이트

Even the way he shouts at his teammates as well as coach Steve Kerr is worthy of being seen as a fighting spirit. However, there are many voices pointing out that it is time to stop committing bad manners during the game or receiving technical fouls from time to time due to excitement. As a result, situations that make the team difficult often occur, so even Golden State fans have a negative reaction.

If not, such words and actions continue to happen in this playoff, and the opinion that there are more losses than gains is increasing. Currently, Golden State is trailing the Los Angeles Lakers with a 1-3 record. If you add one more loss, this season is over. There are fans who expect the miracle of three consecutive victories, but it is true that it is not easy in reality. Now that there is no backlash, there is no choice but to engage in an all-out war in every game. It is time for Green to think more about sacrifice and self-control for the team rather than his own emotions.

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