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Will Choi Boo-kyung, who plays Chae Chi-soo, surpass Oh Se-geun, who plays Shin Hyeon-cheol?

The team that received the most attention in the playoffs this season is by far Goyang Carrot. Even in a situation where there seemed to be a lot of shaking in the external environment, the players united as one under the direction of coach Kim Seung-gi and made a result of the quarterfinals. Although it was defeated by Anyang KGC, the winner of the regular season, considering the huge power difference between the two teams, it deserves applause just for winning a surprise victory in the second game.

If Carrot was the hot topic team, SK could be considered as the team of the blast. SK is in a state where the power has dropped compared to last season. Of the three musketeers, Kim Seon-hyung (34‧187cm), Ahn Young-jun (27‧194.1cm), and Choi Jun-yong (28‧200.2cm), who jointly won the championship, only Kim Seon-hyung is in normal operation. Considering that it is a sport where the influence of one starter is large, the absence of two players is inevitably a fatal blow to the extent that the game needs to be remade.

In fact, director Jeon Hee-chul had to change many of the weapons that the existing Knights had, and it is evaluated that they are successfully changing now. Even at the beginning of the season, there were a lot of difficulties while tossing and turning in the lower ranks. As Choi Jun-yong, who had not been able to make a normal sortie due to an injury, came in and out, coach Jeon Hee-cheol was worried about whether to use him or not.

However, Choi Jun-yong’s injury was prolonged and the former coach also made a decision. Rather than uncertain variables, we chose changes to lay down certain constants. Even if Choi Jun-yong returned with difficulty, it was difficult to play in good condition considering his physical condition. First of all, a green light was attached to Kim Seon-hyung’s wings so that he could move freely around the court.

At the age of mid-thirties, I wondered if it would be possible to run around like I did in my prime, but I lived up to expectations by showing off the amount of activity comparable to my heyday. On the contrary, I heard that he became more powerful by adding skill to his existing strengths, and actually proved it by winning the regular season MVP award.

The MVP combination of Kim Seon-hyung and the best foreign player, Jamil Warney (29‧199cm), was completed with the league’s strongest one-two punch, and with them, Choi Won-hyeok (30‧183cm), Choi Seong-won (27‧184cm), Oh Jae-hyun (23‧187cm), etc. The high-level guard corps supported him in the air defense. The compatibility with seasoned tall shooter Heo Il-young (37‧195cm) was also good.

In fact, SK blamed the unstoppable rise from the time the changed style properly melted into the team. They ran a winning streak in 9 games in the 6th round of the regular league, and are running on a 15-game winning streak by breaking through the 6th and 4th round of the playoffs with 3 consecutive wins, respectively. There is an indispensable player here, none other than ‘Buffalo’ Choi Boo-kyung (33‧200cm).

So far, he has endured well, but if he faces the overwhelming KGC in the first round, Choi Jun-yong’s gap may be felt. Choi Jun-yong, who is a tall forward with good athletic ability, but boasts a vision and passing sense that exceeds that of a moderate guard, played an active part as a practical first option for the natives during the combined championship last season. It was even said that ‘Choi Jun-yong is inheriting the era of Kim Seon-hyung’.

There is no Choi Jun-yong like that in the championship match. It is questionable whether Kim Seon-hyung and Warney’s one-two punch can withstand a well-balanced KGC. If Choi Jun-yong had been holding on, Oh Se-geun (35‧199.8cm) and Mun Seong-gon (29‧195.6cm) would most likely have had various difficulties. It will not be easy for Heo Il-yeong to break through Moon Seong-gon’s defense and continue to play consistently unless he has a particularly good shooting feel. Because of this, Moon Seong-gon is likely to go into the defense while blocking Heo Il-yeong, checking other players from time to time.

However, if the opponent is Choi Jun-yong, it will not be easy to enter the assist defense. It is because it is too much to block only Choi Jun-yong. Choi Jun-yong is an all-round player. He is number 3 in his main position, but he can play virtually all positions 1-4. If he comes out as number 4, it is possible to play harassing Oh Se-geun in various parts.

Since he is behind in power, he will have difficulties in defense, but conversely, when attacking, Oh Se-geun will be put in the same position. It’s called not stopping each other. Here, if Choi Bu-gyeong rotates the rotation from time to time, he can make Oh Se-geun difficult in various ways as well as physically save each other. It is painful for SK to not be able to use such a card.

Therefore, how to control Oh Se-geun, who boasts foreign player-level productivity, can be the key point for SK’s victory. Currently, the player expected to be Oh Se-geun’s stopper is Choi Boo-kyung. While Warnie is having a showdown with Spellman and Kim Seon-hyung with Byun Jun-hyung, Choi Bu-kyung must stop Oh Se-geun. If Oh Se-geun goes on a wild rampage, cracks will form everywhere and it can affect the play of other players.

It is analyzed that the contribution of Choi Bu-kyung was great that SK was able to gain momentum again this season despite the vacuum of core power. It is true that Bu-Kyung Choi, who once played a key role in Mungyeong-Eun, has drastically reduced his weight due to frequent injuries. However, he regained his prime with a healthy appearance this season and is considered the hidden contributor to SK’s rebound.

Choi Boo-kyung has a so-called ‘strong silent’ style. As you can see from averaging 6.57 points, 0.98 assists, 4.70 rebounds and 0.89 steals in 44 games this season, his performance as a starting big man has not been outstanding. However, since he has a good understanding of team play and is the type to play mainly for dirty work such as physical fights and defense, his contribution to the team is evaluated as more than visible.

Oh Se-geun, on the other hand, is averaging 13.12 points, 2.17 assists and 6.38 rebounds in 52 games, though not quite as well as he did in his prime. Particularly noteworthy is his 3-point shooting percentage. A whopping 40%. He doesn’t shoot much, but when he gets a chance from the perimeter, he hits it with the level of a league-leading shooter. He became a terrifying all-weather big man not only near the post but also outside.

Taking the cartoon ‘Slam Dunk’ as an example, Oh Se-geun is Shin Hyeon-cheol, the starting center for Sanwang Technical High School, the nation’s strongest. In addition to solid power, he has top-notch technique. Choi Bu-kyung is also a big man who is recognized, but there is a clear difference in level from Oh Se-geun. Therefore, in order for Choi Bu-gyeong to deal with Oh Se-geun, he needs to put forward what he can do well, just like Buksan Chae Chi-soo did.

In the work, Chae Chi-soo is frustrated by Shin Hyeon-cheol’s high skills, but soon changes his mind and responds in a different way. With the attitude of ‘It’s okay even if I’m not the main character’, we face each other through team play. Choi Boo-kyung was originally good at team play, but he is highly praised for opening his eyes to movement without the ball in this playoff. He constantly moves in search of empty space, receiving passes from Kim Seon-hyung and Warney and scoring a successful goal.

While concentrating on the two,메이저놀이터 Choi Bu-kyung often hits him with an unexpected blow. As can be seen from the 6th place (55.56%) in field goal success rate in the regular season, even if there are not many attack attempts, it is definitely made in the chance. In the first leg of the semi-final playoff against LG, he scored 16 points with a success rate of 87.5%, playing a leading role in suppressing the baseline. If Choi Bu-kyung can harass Oh Se-geun in karate and defense, SK’s chances of winning are sure to increase.

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